James K. Radke

Photographs © 2019 James Radke, All Rights Reserved


Roy Haynes was a headliner of the 1993 Eddie Moore Jazz Festival at Yoshi's on Claremont, circa 1993

Roy Haynes was a headliner of the 1993 Eddie Moore Jazz Festival at Yoshi’s on Claremont, circa 1993

“Portraits in Jazz” visual artifacts and memories of my life in Oakland, California. Please click the link to visit the Jazz Gallery

One day I sat down and made a conscience decision to photograph jazz but not because I loved the music, I do.  There are several great American artists whose works hang in the museums across America. They have had photographed and painted the essence of this great American music. The paintings of Stuart Davis, the photographs of Roy DeCarava, William Gottlieb, Lee Friedlander and many more have captured moments in Jazz.

My justification in embracing a new subject was to also have a body of Jazz images in my portfolio. You will find portraits of Johnny Griffin, Michel Petrucciani, a young Vijay Iyer, Joe Pass, Betty Carter, Don Cherry and many more. I learned something important from this endeavor that was being in the moment.

These are my Stolen moments.

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  1. I see …. a few, more than a few, pixures of you w/guitar usually – but some instrument — in hand. when next we get together, it oughta also be musically. (gotta drummer friend in NE Kansas, could be serendipitour)

    Comment by betunada | October 15, 2016 | Reply

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