James K. Radke

Photographs © 2019 James Radke, All Rights Reserved


Brick #4

Brick #4

Bricks Photographic Abstract Expressionism Please click the link to visit the Brick Gallery

Imagine walking past that brick building you’ve passed daily for the last twenty years. Have you ever looked at the building or the bricks of the building. Bricks, a series of photographs that explores the surfaces of these urban building blocks.

I have chosen to investigate the passage of time, through the layering of weathered advertising and the alterations the building surfaces have undergone. Some of the bricks will have at least a hundred years of paint and advertising. The photographs are studies in random visual abstraction, which reveal the layered surface. You will also discover areas to explore within the canyons and the arroyos of the tortured pigment.

The Brick’s are large-scale photographic prints measuring 24 x 30 inches and larger. If you have any questions regarding an image or you would like to purchase one please contact James Radke.

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